At Beauvais Airport, P1 or P2?

At Beauvais, around the Airport, you will have plenty of choices for parking your car. But how many are reliable? Here’s the point : it’s impossible to trust those little parking lots, when they ask you to leave your keys with the car! The best way is to leave your vehicle on a secure parking lot and above all confirmed by users. For this, I recommend the reviews on google map. The more reviews, the better. Finally, I turned to the secure car park at Beauvais airport. More reliable, in terms of user experience. ( Google map ! )

Parking P1 or P2?

€ 36 for 4 days at the parking lot P2 (instead of € 50 for the P1). It’s at 5 minutes’ walk from the terminals. The P2 and the P1 are almost both at the same distance from terminals 1 and 2. They are both outdoors and secured with video surveillance. It is therefore really not worth spending more for P1 car park.

On P2, everything went very well. I parked my car myself, went on a trip with my keys, and came back to collect my car without any problem. P4 (P eco) is also offered for long stays (more than 2 days) and the better.

TIP: book your parking before your venue, it will cost you less than paying for parking on site. And their on-site CB payment system is often down.

Author: viniedaily

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