Wrocław Restaurants

With its 130,000 students, Wrocław is, along with Poznan, one of the youngest cities in Poland, where numerous restaurants and cafes offer residents a wide gastronomic horizon. Unlike in France, where a student city is synonymous with Kebab, fried chickens and other fast food, the inhabitants of Wrocław have understood that their students need good quality restaurants and comfortable cafes to study in the best conditions all day, which also makes tourists happiness…


To start the day, several cafes and restaurants start their service at 7 a.m. or 8 a.m. to offer you breakfasts for around 10Zl (2.3 €)

Różowa Krowa – bar mleczny

And for vegetarians, you can have a full breakfast too

Wegetariański Bar Mleczny


Whether for lunch or dinner, in Wrocław, carnivores or vegetarians, you will find pleasant restaurants everywhere offering lunch menus at a very good value for money. A lunch menu starter and main course at 29Zl (6.8 €), or 25 Zl (5.8 €) for a vegetarian menu.

Dobra Karma

Or a lunch menu here for 27 Zl (6.3 €)

Mama Manousch

And if you are a meat lover, for lunch and dinner, I recommend you to try the steak tartar, a Polish specialty, with the mushrooms as an accompaniment, it is excellent.

Mama Manousch


For a light dinner, I will recommend soup restaurants.

Delicious homemade soups are served daily and self-made oven-toasted sandwiches are also on the menu in this soup bar.

ZZtop – zupy i zapiekanki

To discover Georgian cuisine, I recommend this restaurant with its delicious Khinkali prepared when ordered.

Chinkalnia Restauracja Gruzińska

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