Wrocław, the Enchanted City

Wrocław, the 4th largest city in Poland with its 640,000 inhabitants, in south-west Poland, is served in France by Ryanair and AirFrance.

The most value Air company to join Wrocław is Ryanair, for 30 € round trip during the low season you can spend an enchanted weekend while getting away from it all at a lower cost.

This city is quite preserved from tourists for now, and what makes it the main attraction in addition to its medieval market place with its houses, its astronomical clock and its town hall, it is the 350 bronze dwarfs scattered everywhere in the center, to discover at the bend of a street, on a bench or even hanging from a lamppost.

The first statuettes appeared in 2005, created by Tomasz Moczek, a graduate of the Wrocław Academy of Art and Design. After that the city has continued to design more Dwarfs and dropped them off over the years through the city, in commemoration of the alternative Polish anti-communist movement Orange.

A little History

Orange Alternative is a movement born in Wroclaw in the 80s, to help the Polish population peacefully resist to the authoritarian communist regime at that time. The purpose was to realize a graffiti of an orange dwarf, drawn in a naive and childish way on anti-communist slogans written in advance. In this way the police could not arrest them for such a childish fact. If they have did so, the Polish police would have lost all its credibility…

Currently, these 350 dwarfs arranged all over the city remind us that we can fight for our ideas peacefully, with words and images.

For more information about the history of the dwarfs and the Orange movement, you can always visit the Dwarfs Museum in Wrocław.

Author: viniedaily

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