Delicious Poznan’s Breakfast

One of the differences between France and Poland is the culture of breakfast. Polish people are used to eating breakfast. In France, for breakfast, French people are used to drinking coffee and sometimes, at best with french toast, “tartines”, a croissant, or a “pain au chocolat” . But in Poland you can find many restaurants and cafes offering full and varied breakfasts.

Here are a few not to be missed in the center of Poznan:

1. Razowa Bistro

In summer you can even sit on the terrace, it’s very pleasant. Close to the old market square, this Bistro whose decor is very “Parisian” , offers “fortunately” breakfasts much better than you can find in Paris. Here you have very complete omelets with good pieces of pastrami, fried eggs in a pan, a real delight.

2. Święty

Located between the old zoo and the Nobel Tower in Poznan, this little cafe is very popular with locals. You can enjoy a delicious Soufflé cooked with yogurt and fruit or homemade delightful French toast. A French dish revisited in the Polish style to make all real French “French toast” pale. Definitely must try this one!

3. Yeżyce Kuchnia

A few steps from the old zoo, this café in a residential area of Poznan offers the possibility of having a good time with Family. They have large tables as well as spaces for lunch alone, everyone is welcome. You have breakfast or lunch there from 10am.

Find all the addresses for a breakfast in Poznan here

Author: viniedaily

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