Must eat at Avenida Poznan

If you are traveling in Poznan on a rainy day, here are some great places for break at the Avenida Shopping Mall, connected to Poznan central station.

1. Lulu Cafe

Here for 11 Zl you can have hot tea and in winter they serve mulled wine with cinnamon (16 Zl), the best for warming up!

It’s a colorful place, located on the ground floor of Avenida, at the very back. This café offers big space for relaxing with very large tables and benches. You can also eat pasta or a salad there. Open until 9 p.m.

2. Express Oriental

If you want to have a full meal, the Avenida food court on the 1st floor offers a full of choices. Many restaurants are open all day, so no worries about your eating schedules. Above all there is something for every taste : from the Polish buffet, to oriental, Thai or Kebab dishes and especially the oriental express!

Front of the Oriental express restaurant : 100gr for 4,39Zl

An Asian buffet that nerds all the Asian buffets in France. A modern setting, dishes prepared over time in the kitchen that stay hot, and fresh lemonades are on the menu.

It’s a very easy concept. You enter, take your tray and follow the circuit with your tray to choose the dishes that interests you. Soup, then sushi, stir-fried dishes, rice or noodles, dishes cooked in the Wok and finally fried dishes, and at the end, drinks. You’ve arrived at the cash desk. A waitress weighs your plates and collects, 4.39 Zl for each 100gr. Congrats you can settle down! When finished, you put away your tray. It is one of the restaurants with the most food court customers.

Tips : BBQ ribs are delicious.

Interior of the restaurant

3. Ice cream DIY store

Ice creams to make yourself. You choose your flavor first, and add ice cream in a cone by yourself. Then add all the toppings you want. Everything is allowed ! It is 2.49Zl for 500gr.

It could be difficult to conceive for us, French barbarians , but here this concept works very well. Customers are very careful when serving themselves and everything is kept very clean and well organized. The circuit is very fluid.

4. So Coffee

Finally, the Starbucks and Costa Coffee competitor, the chain “So Coffee”. Here the coffee is very well located , at the ground floor entrance, and slightly set back so as not to be in a rush. A little corner of calm in this quickly crowded shopping center.

Bad point here : the coffee is more expensive than elsewhere, 12zl for an “American coffee” !

After all that, you’re at your best to continue your visit in Poznan,

Bon voyage ! 

Author: viniedaily

I'm an European citizen, living in Paris, who has lived in Taipei during 5 years before moving back in Paris for Work. Living in Europe gives me the opportunity to easy travel for 2 to 3 days and experiment new cultures and foods. That's what I'm doing during my free time! I love eat, discover new flavors and new cultures, through the way each people has to approach the meal time. For all those Cultures I've met, I create this daily diary, to memorize all the places I've been, and all the delicious food and flavors I've discovered. This is my personal blog, I would like to share it with you