Poznan Airport to Poznan city

How to get to the city center when you arrive at Poznan airport? You have of course the simplest choice the taxi or Uber, but it is not at all the most economical nor the most ecological. So the best is to take public transportation and in Poznan nothing could be easier!

1. Find the bus 159

At arrival hall, immediately to the right of the exit, you will see the bus sign 159. You cannot miss it. Here public transport is preferred and very easy to access.

2. Buy a 5 Zl ticket

Immediately to the right of the arrivals exit, you’ve got a machine to buy your tickets, you can choose English, German or French to buy them. By credit card or cash, both work. You have 2 options:

  • 1 journey less than 10 min, it’s 3 Zloty
  • 1 journey up to 45 min is 5 Zl

If you go to the center you must take a ticket at 5 Zl.

And if you don’t have time to queue because the bus is already there, don’t panic, you can buy your tickets on bus. But there, you must have change on you, because it only takes coins.

Bus vending machine

3. A bus every 10 min

Every 10 to 15 minutes approximately you have a bus

And There you go ! Enjoy your stay in Poznan

Old Market Square in Poznan

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