A stroll through Warsaw

If you’ve got one day at Warsaw and you want to discover this beautiful city through a stroll by walk, lime or bicycle, here you go.

1. The Palace of culture and Science and the Centrum

If you come from the airport, and specifically from Warsaw Modlin airport, the bus will drive you here.
You can begin you’re journey by an overview of the city at the top of this Palace. In this area you’ll find a lot of comfortable coffee shop and restaurants to have a breakfast or a break time.Then if you keep going to the East, toward Charles de Gaulle roundabout you will arrived at the beginning of the Nowy Swiat Street, the “New world” Street.

2. The Nowy Swiat

Here through this street, you’ll find many restaurants and shops. Go straight and you will see the Presidential Palace, just before arriving at the Old Town.

3. The old town

The old town of Warsaw is an UNESCO world heritage site. A little colorful city center with its old market place, a typical East European old town. The better is to have a walk on the old city wall before leaving this area and go to the south west, direction to the Opera, Grand Theater and National Opera, one of the largest in the world, with its 2000 seats.

4. Zlote Tarasy

After that, keep walking to the south and follow the big Palace of culture and Science until you’ll arrive to the Marszałkowska boulevard with its modern building and large shopping center area. The biggest shopping mall, Zlote Tarasy, is near the central station. Its modern architecture is really worth seeing. And you have many restaurants to stay after a long journey walk.Have a nice stay!

Author: viniedaily

I'm an European citizen, living in Paris, who has lived in Taipei during 5 years before moving back in Paris for Work. Living in Europe gives me the opportunity to easy travel for 2 to 3 days and experiment new cultures and foods. That's what I'm doing during my free time! I love eat, discover new flavors and new cultures, through the way each people has to approach the meal time. For all those Cultures I've met, I create this daily diary, to memorize all the places I've been, and all the delicious food and flavors I've discovered. This is my personal blog, I would like to share it with you