Warsaw Modlin Airport

If you want to discover Warsaw and take low cost flights, then your flight will probably be at this Airport. At about one hour from Warsaw, this airport has mostly Ryanair flights and other low cost companies.

When you’re traveling in Europe, it’s really common to use low cost Airlines – which aren’t so low cost – and could be as expensive as other airlines, especially if you’re adding luggage fees. Not that this is just a reminder for those who would like to book flights with Low cost companies.

If you have to spend 1 or 2 hours at Modlin Airport, don’t worry, there are 3 restaurants outside and 3 more after the customs clearances.

1. Outside the Airport

When you’ve arrived at the airport, the first thing you will see it’s the outside restaurant with its terrace “Eat and fly”. Here you’ll have a lot of choices to eat a last meal in Warsaw.

2. Inside the Airport

If you’ll prefer to follow your flight departure inside the airport, at the second floor, you’ve got 1 pasta and pizza store and a coffee shop with some tables to rest and eat peacefully. But a pizza for 44zl is quite expensive.

You also have two little souvenir stores for your last shopping moment.

But if you’re not with friends or family who won’t travel with you, as I recommend always, the better is to pass the clearance customs first. Then you can enjoy inside airport shops and coffee shops.

3. After clearance customs

Here you go, you’ve finished your duty with custom clearance and you can enjoy the last minutes before departure with starting shopping and eating. For that you’ll have their one duty free shop and three coffee shops.

But the better one with a place to stay calm is the Travel Chef restaurant.

Its value is the tables and the space offered for each traveler. The plus: you can charge your devices at each bench of the restaurant. You can also eat here your last Polish meal with local food. The value indices of this restaurant compare to the others is that even the Airport staff are eating here.

Enjoy and have a nice flight ✈

Author: viniedaily

I'm an European citizen, living in Paris, who has lived in Taipei during 5 years before moving back in Paris for Work. Living in Europe gives me the opportunity to easy travel for 2 to 3 days and experiment new cultures and foods. That's what I'm doing during my free time! I love eat, discover new flavors and new cultures, through the way each people has to approach the meal time. For all those Cultures I've met, I create this daily diary, to memorize all the places I've been, and all the delicious food and flavors I've discovered. This is my personal blog, I would like to share it with you