Greek Convenience stores

When it’s your first visit to Thessaloniki and you start to wander the city center streets, the first thing that can strike all visitors is the incredible number of cafes open in this city. And for many, they are even open 24 hours a day!

Yes front store, one of the Greek Convenience stores chain

These are warm, spaced cafes where you can see many Greeks sharing good times with family, welcoming for children as well, or for working alone.

Today’s convenience store interior

Throughout your visit, you will have the opportunity to rest in one of these countless cafes. You will find on your way all types of cafes including those open 24/24, the convenient stores.

Convenience store

Impossible Concept in France, for me a French woman, those convenience stores are an impossible dream to have… What? You said convenience? Well for those who think that there are convenience stores in France, these coffee shops have nothing to compare with. In France, we do not know how to provide such practical and welcoming shops, open at any time of the day or night, where we can also find hot and cold drinks, cakes, hot dishes, an ATM, what to buy newspapers or tobacco. These are sufficiently bright and comfortable shops with a wide choice of products to help you out and make you have a good time either warm in winter or cool (with air conditioning) in summer…

You can stop there at any time, even at night. Yes Thessaloniki is very secure in its city center, which generally allows you to go out without worry and even have a coffee!

In Europe you can find this concept in Poland with the Zabka chain, but here in Thessaloniki, it is even better with their opening 24/7, as in Japan or Taiwan.

The most numerous are Today’s and Yes.

Do not hesitate to stop there for a coffee “frappe” , the Greek specialty!

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