Thessaloniki pastries #1 Terkenlis, Bakery since 1948

Thessaloniki pastries #1 Terkenlis 

When you stay in Thessaloniki, you will be unable to resist all of these delicious Greek pastries on every street corner. You have bakeries, street stalls, cafes, and so many pastries everywhere in this city that the hardest is choosing which one to enjoy.

Bakery street booth in Thessaloniki

How to choose ? To start, let’s begin with the best known, the unmissable Terkenlis pastry shop (ΤερκενλΑ Αγίας Σοφίας) on Place Agias Sofias. I did not say the best, but the best known.

Front of Bakery Terkenlis on Place Agias Sofias in Thessaloniki

Since 1948, this pastry shop has produced many savory and sweet pastries, various and varied candies and chocolates and their specialties are, among others, these large chocolate brioches.

Brioches Terkenlis

The “Greek sweets”, small pastries made from honey, almonds … or even savory cakes stuffed with cheese, meat or vegetables

Greek sweets and salted cakes stuffed

You can as well buy take-out or take a break on their terrace or upstairs. Attention in this case, do not order at the counter but sit directly on the heated terrace (very well heated in winter), or upstairs. A waitress will come and serve you. They speak a little bit English, and the menu is also in English.

Upstairs Tea room and heated Terrace of Terkenlis

If you prefer to look downstairs before seating it is also possible, but you will have to specify that you want to taste it on the spot. Their service is very slow, so plan more time to enjoy !

And for those passing through who would not have time to go through Agias Sofias, you can also buy their cakes at the airport or at the main train station and they have a few shops in Athens.

Enjoy ! 

Terkenlis little breads

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