10-hour and 30 minutes flight with KLM, from Amsterdam to Osaka, what will it be like ? Here is my feedback of the Dutch Company experience.

Impeccable boarding, nothing easier. With an incomplete flight we left on time. Distribution of Earphones , a very rudimentary pillow and a small blue blanket of the company colors and off we go, we are immersed in the KLM universe.

The specialty in the Netherlands is, among other things, ceramics. So with KLM, the flight instructions are presented to you in an animated film on ceramic. The advantage is that it attracts attention, because you really want to see how from start to finish the ceramic can be a support for these instructions. Finally, for once, I was very attentive to the instructions. And then comes the choice of film, not a lot of choice but you have Dutch films.

And if nothing suits you and you prefer to use Wi-Fi for entertainment or work, for 18 € you have WiFi throughout the flight.

One hour later, meal time : a chicken-rice dish or vegetarian pasta. A rather complete tray with optimized size so as not to clutter us. The salad was fresh and light and the good point was the sauce served separately. Thank you to KLM for thinking of those who eat salad without sauce.

Time flies and you will visit the toilet. If like me, you want to brush your teeth, you will see that the little cardboard cup in the toilet is missing, too bad!

Halfway through, KLM won’t forget you. 5 hours after takeoff, for snacks, the crew will serve you a small ice cream and a glass of water. Refreshing!

It is however not enough to wait for the next 5 hours … So you dive into your movie program, into your deep thoughts or the best you’ll dive into an useful sleep until 1 hour and an half before landing. At that time, where gradually the lights come back on, the smell of coffee and scrambled eggs will bring you back to reality. Stand up and have a breakfast.

The most in this flight, the control of the colour of the side window. No more dazzling sun rays during landing, you can control the tint yourself to a very fine degree in light gradations.

Welcome to Osaka!

Author: viniedaily

I'm an European citizen, living in Paris, who has lived in Taipei during 5 years before moving back in Paris for Work. Living in Europe gives me the opportunity to easy travel for 2 to 3 days and experiment new cultures and foods. That's what I'm doing during my free time! I love eat, discover new flavors and new cultures, through the way each people has to approach the meal time. For all those Cultures I've met, I create this daily diary, to memorize all the places I've been, and all the delicious food and flavors I've discovered. This is my personal blog, I would like to share it with you