Osaka Overview

Osaka is an Harbor city and the second largest city in Japan with its 20 millions inhabitants urban area.

Like any Japanese City, it is a very organized city where its urbanization and development are very well thought out. All these towers and shops, with grandiose signs can be very confusing for European tourists who can be seen wandering the streets, head in the air to contemplate with a blissful air this immensity so unusual in Europe.

Here is an overview of the city, to help you if you are passing through Osaka.

1. Namba and the South area, Minami

The best known and essential district which extends from the Namba station and its restaurants and shops with giant and extravagant signs, especially around the Dotonbori canal where you can see the famous sign Glico of the tireless marathon runner from the 1930s. Then the southern district continues around Misosuji Boulevard, the Osakien “Champs Elysees” to Shinsaibashi and Nipponbashi station to the east.

Giant Restaurants sign in Dotonbori Canal area at Osaka

2. Umeda and the North area, Kita

The other essential district for its large shopping mall and all its shops is the Umeda district, around Osaka station. Here you can stay at least 24 hours shopping, you haven’t seen it all yet!

3. Semba, Business area

If you go down to the south, the district connecting the northern and southern districts is called the Semba district, around the stations of Hommachi and Yodoyabashi. It is the business district where you’ll find the regional headquarters of Japanese banks, the former Osaka Exchange headquarters and the Osaka town hall.

Osaka Securities Exchange

And for family entertainment, at the west area of the city, around the Harbor, you can visit the Universal Studio park, the Osaka Ferris wheel or its famous aquarium.

To the east of the city, you can also visit Osaka Castle.

Front of Osaka City Hall

Have a nice trip !

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