4 best Japanese Restaurants open 24 hours a day

Indispensable in Japan, here are 4 chains of traditional Japanese restaurants open 24 hours a day that you will meet throughout your trip to Japan. Their menus are large and diversified : from the famous Guyodons, meal made of cooked beef strips marinated with candied onions served with rice, to the traditional Japanese breakfast set with grilled fish and nato, or Gyozas, fried Chinese ravioli.

1. Sukiya

The chain that has opened the most restaurants in Japan. This chain had also open some Restaurants in Taiwan. Their menu offers a large selection of guydons, with or without raw eggs and also bowls of rice with raw fresh tuna. Raw egg is available as an option if you’re a fan. Their plus is their small tool to separate the white from the egg yolk.

2. Matsuya

The cheapest chain for its Guydons. I prefer their rice and their plus is the terminal to order. You do not need to wait the waitress to make your order. Just have to order at the terminals at the entrance and pay directly. You take your tickets and put them in front of you on the table. When your order is ready, a waiter will bring it to you. You don’t have to speak Japanese to eat what you want.

3. Yoshinoya

the most expensive but also the best known abroad because it has opened restaurants in the United States and Taiwan. Here either you can eat something other than Guydons, especially the small pots of simmered beef. Their plus is the secret sauce for the marinade of beef strips.

4. Ohsho

A chain of Japanese restaurant offering Chinese dishes, including grilled dumplings, called Gyozas in Japan. It is a dish widely consumed in the land of the rising sun even more than in China its country of origin.

Personally, I found them too fatty, but who knows, if you go through the Dotonbori bridge area, their big sign of huge Gyozas will maybe push you to give in to the temptation.

Bon appétit ! 

Author: viniedaily

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