Sofia Airport -Terminal 1

Sofia Airport is divided into two terminals and if you are traveling with WizzAir or EasyJet, then your flight will be at Terminal 1. It is the oldest terminal in Sofia and its lobby looks more like an old lobby train station.

Hall of terminal 1- Sofia Airport

It is a small terminal only served by bus (line 84 and 184) and taxis.

A word of advice, do not arrive too early before departure, you will too quickly finish to look around !

There are in total 3 small cafes, all called Skybar. The one upstairs in the lobby, the quietest and the largest. You will find the other two skybars after customs control. Both are quite small with very little space.

You can eat slices of pizza, sandwiches, salads, hot dogs, chocolate muffins, croissants and ice cream. Coffee is sold 2.9Lv (1.45 €) and tea 2.4Lv (1.2 €)

If you want a quiet place to rest, the best choice is the coffee either at the start or even better that one of the arrival, a little hidden one, it is the fourth one … the most comfortable of all. But after you’ll have to return to the departure hall (5min walk max) to pass the baggage control and customs. Fortunately, the queues are not very long, neither at customs nor at baggage control. It is a little bit harder to manage your time…

And if all the cafes are full, which happens very quickly, you can also take the opportunity to buy some souvenirs. You have a duty-free shop and another one of traditional Bulgarian products, offering, among other things, rose-based cosmetics and ceramics.

Rose made Bulgarian cosmetics

For 14.4 € per person, you can also choose the Lounge bar, quieter with sandwiches and drinks included, but frankly speaking the room is not really more comfortable than downstairs. The only advantage is that it is a quiet place, ideal if you have to work while waiting for your flight. A play corner for children is also available.

Bon voyage ! 

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