Covid-19 and shelter in place life in France, how is it?

April 12th, we are entering in the 5th week of lockdown and Social distance orders in France. Here some of thoughts about how it is manage here in France and how a traveler like me who use to travel about 1week per month perceive it.


We still can’t go out except for buying supplies goods and do some physical exercises less than 1 hour and less than 1 km around your neighborhood.

If you thought you could escape from this obligation, it is without to count on the attestation form you have to fill out before going outside. On this file, you need to precisely write the time and the date you went out. And for those who didn’t have a printer, you will think twice before going out! Yes, no printer means you have to write all the form by yourself, an handwriting form! It makes me remember when I was at school and teachers gave you some punishment homework. Hey little girl, you didn’t want to respect the social distanciation, you want to go out… Well do your homework before, write this long attestation form!

Well, the French government finally after 3 weeks of shelter in place order developed an online attestation form with a QR code which tells the authorities exactly when you filled it, and so you can’t lie any more about the time you’ve stayed out!

New attestation form with QR code

Looks like it is working, fewer people are going outside know, or maybe most of people here are just afraid to be contaminated. They suddenly become more responsible than two weeks before. Indeed It is a very hard time in France now.

More than 13800 peoples are dead. How many are contaminated, we can’t exactly say it, because just a few people can do the test. And that makes me very angry 😡.

Not enough test and masks!

Since yesterday, I began to feel really weak, to have headache and of course I was thinking what if… Yes what if I was contaminated, how to know, and how to protect my husband? We’ve got only one bedroom, one kitchen how it is possible to protect him? No way, because the situation in France are very bad, we can’t have any test neither mask. All tests are only for people who are already severely affected and masks for people who are still working. By the way, hopefully after 3 weeks of lock down almost all workers can have a mask, which is a real progress! And due to the lack of masks production, the government still refuses to order us to wear a mask, because clearly they can’t product enough!!

Government advertising to combat covid 19 without wearing mask recommendations

Well as you can see, the French situation are very bad. Statistically we have in France 93790 contaminated persons, but all of these people had a test, which means they were already in a very serious form of the disease. Compare to many countries which test people only with few symptoms, the statistics are totally biased…

Contaminated ranking in the world by Google statistics

How other countries manage against the Covid19.

The good thing in our world now, is that we can have many informations from all around the world, and when you compare how your government reacts to a situation between the others government it is a good way to see how developed is your country or not!

Well, believe me or not but I really think that Europe are weak now. When you can see how Taiwan, South Korea or Japan managed the situation, you can well understand how late are the European countries.

The good thing I have seen in Europe are in Poland 🇵🇱, with the Masks vending machine in streets, in Germany 🇩🇪 with the drive in tests all around the country and in Greece 🇬🇷 with masks which are distributed to all inside the newspapers.

A mask vending machine in Warsaw Street

Well how is the situation in your country? Don’t hesitate to comment below 👇

Author: viniedaily

I'm an European citizen, living in Paris, who has lived in Taipei during 5 years before moving back in Paris for Work. Living in Europe gives me the opportunity to easy travel for 2 to 3 days and experiment new cultures and foods. That's what I'm doing during my free time! I love eat, discover new flavors and new cultures, through the way each people has to approach the meal time. For all those Cultures I've met, I create this daily diary, to memorize all the places I've been, and all the delicious food and flavors I've discovered. This is my personal blog, I would like to share it with you

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